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Courtney Garza’s Path to Cruelty-Free Beauty

Courtney Garza’s Path to Cruelty-Free Beauty

One of our subscribers shares why optimism and compassion are informed and colorful choices.

In the hands of journalist and media creator Courtney Garza, optimism flows out in the brightest of colors. The editor-in-chief of Veg World is a vegan, animal-loving entrepreneur who infuses a burst of pastels into her social media feeds like a chef stirs spices into an entrée. She describes the ability to live optimistically as a process of elimination, but denying herself pleasure has no part in Garza’s business plan.

“We are all on our own discovery journey after we go vegan,” Garza told Kinder Beauty. “More often than not, it’s a matter of eliminating items in our life and finding replacements for them.”

When it came to realizing her wellness routine, Garza confesses she took her time to understand what veganism and cruelty-free really meant.

“I never really knew a ton about makeup. I just kind of wore whatever my mom did! After doing some research and seeing reviews from my vegan peers, I came across Kinder Beauty and knew it was a compassionate company I wanted to align myself with, especially since I love what both of the founders, Evanna Lynch and Daniella Monet, stand for in their daily outreach as well.” 


Garza approaches veganism and kindness as an educational journey, and she always feels like she’s learning. It’s an approach she’s adopted as a naturally curious and inquisitive journalist.

“I wish I could say that I’ve been vegan my whole life,” she explained, “but one thing is for sure—it has made my life exponentially better in so many ways. I’ve always been passionate about writing and advertising as my career, and I’ve always had a love for food, but after going vegan, I have only grown in both of those passions.”

Her relationship with food and the body is something Garza has been open about through her platforms, and she credits veganism with expanding her horizons more colorfully.

“You’re able to see and enjoy food in a whole new light. I felt like I wasn’t so limited to a select few items like a main source of protein and two sides for a meal, but instead a new array of colorful creations with amazing spices that my eyes were open to.”

It’s an openness Garza has brought to her company, Sprinkles Creative, a digital and creative agency run by women specialize in creating custom social media content, photography, videography and more.

“I am able to extend my talents and expertise to encourage vegan lifestyles through the stories of people I interview, the companies I highlight, and the businesses I create content for in my agency. I feel more content in my life after going vegan, as I truly feel I am actively contributing to a more compassionate life all around.”

In her work with Veg World Magazine and Sprinkles Creative, Garza consistently moves towards projects that promote treating all living things with kindness.

“Compassion and kindness are the core of my mission statements,” she said. “As both a vegan social media agency and a vegan magazine, my team and I only work with businesses that have the understanding that by offering vegan meals, products, and services, they are contributing to creating a kinder world ahead. I aim to act as an extension of their business by highlighting all that they do. Through the power of both traditional media and social media platforms, I am happy to accentuate their kindness goals as well.”

When it comes to looking after herself amidst all her deadlines, Garza is careful not just with how she nourishes her body, but also with her skincare and beauty routine. Living and working in Texas has impacted how she treats her skin.

“Texas can be all over the place when it comes to weather, for sure,” she said. “So, it does often affect my skin by drying it out from going to extreme heat to extreme cold in a matter of days. By maintaining my skin routine of daily moisturizers and night creams, I am able to keep my skin pretty balanced. My favorite day and night moisturizer is Pacifica’s Dreamy Youth.”

As she continues to design her palette for the year ahead, no matter how unpredictable our world can be, Garza is steadfast in her positive outlook, and her creative colors are ever-arcing forward, like a rainbow.

“I am excited to continue to grow my agency Sprinkles Creative and Veg World, as they are both so aligned in expanding the vegan world overall. The more that vegan companies and vegan people get their story out there, the more accessible Veganism is for all of us. This is my overall mission in life – to make veganism more accessible to all, by helping to show how colorful, fun, delicious, and easy it really is.”



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Natalya Anderson is a writer, award-winning poet and former ballet dancer from Toronto.

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