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BONUS BOX: The Fall Collection—Our Best Yet!—Will Take Amazing Care of Your Skin as the Weather Gets Chillier

Weather changes affect our skin, hair, and nails in ways we may not even recognize. When the air starts to become brisk, humidity levels decrease, and our skin pays the price. There are things you can do to help your skin in the fall—such as avoiding hot showers and not having your heater on full-blast—but to keep looking your best, it’s ideal to enlist the help of ultra-moisturizing hair and skin products to pick up the slack. So to help our Kinder Babes prepare for the cooler seasons ahead, we have created a special box—THE FALL COLLECTION—to help tackle the elements and stay moisturized from head to toe. We scoured the year’s previous boxes and picked out our all-star favorite products that are perfect for maintaining beautiful skin this fall. We can’t wait to share our limited fall collection with you! 



Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask (Retail Value $18.99)

Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask

Sleeping with moisturizer on its the best way to prepare your face for the day ahead. But this isn’t just any moisturizer; it’s specifically created for nighttime. Just massage the overnight treatment on your face before bed and wake up with super-hydrated, youthful,  refreshed skin. Plus, it smells amazing and is full of healthy antioxidants. It’s no wonder this product gets rave reviews! All of Dr. Botanical's products are natural and free from harmful chemicals such as synthetic perfumes, colorants, and parabens.

Dear Self “I Am Gleaming” Face Moisturizer (Retail Value $29.50)

Dear Self I Am Gleaming Face Moisturizer

We absolutely LOVE this moisturizer. It can be used day or night, alone or under makeup, and the name is perfect because you’ll definitely be gleaming after just one use! The cream soothes, firms, and heals the skin with vitamin C, E, and A, while powerful anti-aging and anti-sun damage ingredients work their magic to undo whatever damage happened to your skin over the summer. Dear Self was created by pro-surfer and animal advocate Tia Blanco, along with her sister, Aja. These beauties believe in self-love and the power of plant-based, natural, cruelty-free ingredients. All Dear Self products are vegan, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and free of synthetic fragrances.

Little Moon Essentials Tired Old Ass Overcome Exhaustion Mist (Retail Value $5)

Little Moon Essentials Exhaustion Mist

The moment we tried this product, we felt energized and clean, and we knew we wanted to share it with our Kinder Beauty family. It’ll pep up your skin without drying it out, and it’ll leave you feeling confident and refreshed. The mist is an astringent that cleans away the dirt and stresses of the day, while the strong essential oils increase alertness, wake up your senses, and give you an extra boost of energy. Little Moon Essentials products are all hand-made in Colorado and the company prides itself on using only eco-friendly packaging. We’re so in love with the cute and colorful packaging and the attention to detail and care that goes into all of this company’s products.

EVOLVh Ultra Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (Retail Value $15)

EVOLVh Ultra Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Everyone is raving about EVOLVh’s silicone-free shampoos and conditioners, and for good reason. The UltraShine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner adapt to the needs of your unique hair—balancing moisture, adding much-needed nourishment, helping with your scalp's health, and ultimately giving your locks a brilliant and gorgeous shine. We love that the shampoo and conditioner are both so concentrated (a little goes a long way, so you’ll get a lot from these 2-ounce bottles). And EVOLVh uses an innovative approach when it comes to creating products that will improve hair condition; unlike many shampoos and conditioners, which simply coat the hair to hide imperfections, EVOLVh uses biology-driven, non-cosmetic formulations that meet the molecular needs of every single hair strand from deep inside the core of each fiber. So, you’re basically fixing your hair from the inside-out. And word to the wise: These are absolutely perfect for traveling home for the holidays.

Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk (Retail Value $2.99)

Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk

This cleanser is completely gentle, so it’s perfect for winter weather when you need to be extra careful about stripping your skin. Not only is it moisturizing, but it also removes makeup and impurities. We’re not exactly sure what the product’s secret is—it could be the fruit stem cell complex, resveratrol CoQ10, or the apricot probiotic blend—but whatever it is, we’re definitely here for it! You’ll also feel great about supporting Andalou Naturals, one of our all-time favorite ethical beauty brands. The company takes pride in using only organic, nature-derived, and sustainably sourced, fair-trade ingredients. Bring it on!





This special Fall Collection box contains $72 worth of cruelty-free and vegan high-quality products for just $24! We hope you’re just as excited about receiving this box as we were when we curated it. The Fall Collection box is very limited, so order it now! And P.S. This box will make a fabulous gift, too! 



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