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The Daisy Collection (August 2020: Box 1 of 2)-Kinder Beauty

The Daisy Collection (August 2020: Box 1 of 2)

Kinder Beauties, do not fear the last month of summer. Savor it, times two.

Once again, we have twice the beauty thanks to one of two potential August Beauty Boxes—The Daisy Collection (read on for what's included in this box) or The Tulip Collection (click here to learn what you'll find in this sister box).

If you are a Kinder Beauty subscriber, you will be surprised with either The Daisy Collection or the Tulip Collection, each of them totally gorgeous and full of the very best in self-care and beauty (all vegan and cruelty-free, per usual).

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If you're not currently a Kinder Beauty subscriber and you join before August 1, your first box will be our "best-of" Kinder Beauty Faves Collection, and then for the second month of your subscription you'll receive one of the two August Boxes.

But if you wait until after August 1 to sign up, it will be too late to get one of these must-have collections!

Let’s dig into the first box we’re sharing with you this month—The Daisy Collection!


Earth Harbor: Marina Biome Brightening Ampoule (Retail Value: $38)

Earth Harbor: Marina Biome Brightening Ampoule (Retail Value: $38.00)
Just because summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean we want our skin’s radiance to dim. Earth Harbor is keeping our faces aglow with this brightening, balancing product. With ocean-blue botanical spirulina, plus luxurious adaptogenic oils, this ampoule works to improve overall skin tone and health. The beautiful aroma of sweet Jasmine is a heavenly bonus, and we can't get enough of it!

Zion Health: Deep Cleansing Scalp Scrub in Pear Blossom (Retail Value: $19.99)

Zion Health: Deep Cleansing Scalp Scrub in Pear Blossom (Retail Value: $19.99)
If you’ve spent a few too many days waving your free-flowing mane in the ocean breeze, we can’t blame you, but your hair is probably feeling rough. Don’t get your ponytails in a knot, Kinder Beauties, because this scalp scrub has what you need to jump-start your fragile follicles.
With its gentle, nutritious exfoliation, this purifying product creates the perfect environment for healthy hair to grow. Clay minerals and sea salt work to remove excess oils and product build-up, all while healing and protecting the scalp. We like to use this once a week for optimum pony swish.

WAN Cosmetics: Anti-Oxidation Mask (Retail Value: $26)

WAN Cosmetics: Anti-Oxidation Mask (Retail Value: $26.00)
With this anti-oxidizing sheet mask,
WAN combines a plethora of dynamic essences—organic damask rose, citrus, red wine, and spinach—each of which awakens higher levels of UVA-protecting properties in your skin. Made with thin, eco-friendly bamboo fiber, this heavenly mask is as kind to the environment as it is to your tired beach-bummed tan.

100% Pure: Creamy Long Last Liner in Royal (Retail Value: $26)

100% Pure: Creamy Long Last Liner in Royal (Retail Value: $26.00)
Jojoba, chamomile butter, and mango seed oil work in beautiful harmony to create this creamy, decadently textured eyeliner. The result is a super easy to apply, long-lasting, flake-free pencil that brings out your pretty peepers. Knowing it nourishes our lids while we saunter through these hazy days of our favorite season is extra comforting. We simply adore how regal this deep, denim blue shade makes us feel.

LipLove: Mahogany (Retail Value: $12.00)

LipLove: Mahogany (Retail Value: $12.00)

This deep bronze-brown shade is the added edge to perfect any beauty look. It can be dressed up or down on the lips, cheeks, or lids. Made specifically for all ages and skin types, this bestselling product is popular for a reason: it’s moisturizing, easy to wear, and from a company that prides itself on sustainability, ethics, and self-love. You’ll feel confident and look gorgeous with LipLove’s Mahogany. Get ready to be the envy of all your friends.


Kinder Beauties, summer is in full swing, and we want to share our double-happiness with you by offering you one of two spectacular versions of our signature Kinder Beauty boxes—randomly selected for your surprise and enjoyment.

The Daisy Collection is bound to inspire you and make you feel as beautiful as you look (and you look amazing)! Check out The Tulip Collection as well, which is simply stunning—just like you.

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