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Image of Angel Merino of Artist Couture. He has a beard and pink eyeshadow. The background is purple.

Artist Couture CEO Angel Merino Brings Glamour to Everyone

Founded by Angel Merino, Artist Couture offers luxurious makeup that is created to be interwoven with your existing cosmetics routine.

The company was founded after Merino’s side hustle as a freelance makeup artist gained a big following on Instagram. He ditched his day job and became an entrepreneur.

Eventually, he discovered that the products he needed for his makeup kit just didn’t exist in the market, so he created them himself. From richly pigmented eyeshadows to elegant, shimmering Diamond Glow Powder, Artist Couture cosmetics offers products for looks from natural to super glam.

The company invites you to express yourself to your heart’s desire. Merino believes that beauty is for everyone. Whatever your personal style, there are Artist Couture cosmetics for you to play with.

Since founding Artist Couture, Merino has continued to make a splash on Instagram. Today he has more than a million followers, while his makeup brand has more than 500,000.

Get Artist Couture in the December Box

Whether you prefer pops of color, a nude palette, or a shimmering visage, Artist Couture has products to realize your vision. Check out the Instagram accounts to see Merino modeling the full range of gorgeous Artist Couture looks himself. 

We had the chance to interview Merino all about his path to launching Artist Couture, and his thoughts about beauty. He offers the inside scoop on which products you should add to your makeup bag to get started with Artist Couture, and he shares his personal cosmetics philosophy.

What did you do before founding Artist Couture?

Angel Merino: Before launching Artist Couture, I had a number of different jobs— from a dance instructor to visual merchandising at a high-end retailer! You can say I was trying to find myself and what I really wanted to do with my life and career.

I've always been super creative and enjoyed more leadership roles. I ended up landing a job working in cosmetics at a department store, right around the brink of Instagram. I remember downloading the app thinking I would just use it to add cool filters to my photos. I would post photos of my work (befores and afters of my clients), and would also talk about new products launching soon and how to use them.

I quickly gained a big following, and started to get noticed by other brands ... I thought it was the coolest thing to have a brand want to send me free products at the time.

I started freelancing more in the beauty space, doing makeup on set for different productions and celebs for red carpet events. I ended booking so much work outside of my day job that I eventually quit to focus on being a freelance artist full time.

After doing that for about a year, I went on a national tour where I brought masterclasses and education to major cities across the country selling out [at] most of my stops. That's how I was able to make enough money to fund and start my brand.

What inspired you to start Artist Couture?

AM: The inspiration for my brand really came from identifying the voids and needs in my own personal makeup kit. I would find myself having to mix a bunch of different products to get the payoff and impact I was trying to achieve. I wanted to create products that were easy to use and gave high performance with minimal effort.

What is Artist Couture’s mission?

AM: My brand’s mission is to inspire self-expression and individuality. Makeup has always been super-transformative to me; not just physically, but also in the way I feel about myself.

It gives me confidence, allows me to feel my best, and empowers me to take on anything. I hope to inspire everyone to do the same with my brand.

What is your cosmetics philosophy?

AM: I feel like beauty has no gender and it’s a space where everyone is welcomed and celebrated. 

What three products should someone new to Artist Couture try out to get started?

AM: If you're new to my brand, you have to try my iconic Diamond Glow Powder, it's literally the best highlighter in the game!

My Supreme Nudes eyeshadow palette is a cult favorite and number-one seller.

And last but not least, my Silky Lip Oil to keep your lips luscious and hydrated.

How can Artist Couture products enhance an established cosmetics routine?

AM: The great thing about my products is they play well with others and are so versatile in use. You can add or pair them with your existing favorites to enhance pigment and payoff, or to give something you already love a different finish or texture.

There are no rules when it comes to makeup, so I encourage everyone to have fun and play.

What inspires you to continue your work each day?

AM: I always remind myself that discipline and focus is what moves the mark. There are days when I don't find myself being as productive, and that’s totally okay. Some days will be better than others, but as long as I continue to work and push forward … that's all that matters!

What is your vision for the future of Artist Couture?

AM: I'm really excited to continue to grow my product line and expand into different categories I haven't explored yet. I want to keep challenging myself creatively with storytelling, when it comes to different collections I create.

Visibility has always been major for me, so I want to keep shining light on underrepresented groups of people in my campaigns to spread the message that beauty is for everyone!


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