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8 Self-Care Gifts for Your Dad on Father’s Day

The father figures in your life likely say they don’t practice self-care, but a self-initiated wellness routine is essential for everyone. At its core, self-care encompasses special rituals, regimes, or practices that help you recharge, re-center, and focus on your own health and well-being. Father’s Day could be the perfect time to introduce your dad to a few new products in the self-care category that make him feel his best. Whether he’s a grooming newbie or a dedicated fitness buff, these vegan and cruelty-free gift ideas are sure to pamper his mind, body, and soul.

For dads who are always well-groomed:

1. 103 Collection Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer

This gender-neutral, lightweight moisturizer blends botanical extracts, cold-pressed plant oils, and antioxidants to nourish, brighten, and hydrate the skin. Moisturizers like this one are an essential addition to dad’s grooming routine and are especially beneficial after his morning shave and at night when hydration levels tend to decrease. 

2. Eva Jenae Naturals Beard Care Kit

For dads who rock facial hair, whether it’s a soul patch or a full beard, this all-in-one kit offers everything he needs to keep his scruff healthy and strong. Featuring beard wash, balm, oil, and a grooming comb, the products in this kit are formulated to cleanse, moisturize, and condition his beard and face—and it’s ideal for dads who sometimes let their beards get a little unwieldy (a sure sign he isn’t taking care of himself).

3. Act of Being HP+ Daily Face Wash

For men who could use an upgrade from a soap-and-water cleansing routine, this high-performance—that’s what the HP+ stands for—face wash is a cleanser and exfoliator in one, so it’s ideal for pre-shave prep. Ingredients such as bio-gommage exfoliating beads, salicylic acid, and baobab help draw out oil and remove dead skin cells to improve texture, clarity, and brightness, and they also aid in relieving razor bumps. 

For dads who can’t live without exercise:

4. On Cloudultra trail running shoes

This versatile trail running shoe is made for dads who enjoy all-terrain adventures and off-road running. Made with a two-layer sandwich mesh upper for durability and a perforated all-wrap construction for breathability—all vegan, of course—these runners are cushioned and comfortable for those long, stress-relieving running routes athletic dads live for.

5. NUUN Prime Pre-Workout Drink

For men who use the gym as their self-care regime, this plant-based pre-workout mix offers electrolytes, vegan amino acids, and adaptogens to maximize hydration, muscle energy, and mental focus for peak performance. This addition to dad’s workout will help him live his best life among the dumbbells and pull-up bars.

For dads who need a little stress-relief:

6. Vegan Ashwagandha Extract 

One of the most popular and well-known adaptogens for men is Ashwagandha because it specifically helps regulate cortisol levels (one of the stress hormones) while simultaneously building DHEA (testosterone). With its mentally enhancing and immune-boosting properties, Ashwagandha is a small gift to let your dad know you’re thinking of him and his health.  

7. Muse Guided Meditation Headband

For dads who are interested in meditative practice, this multi-sensor device uses advanced signal processing to interpret your mental activity and help guide his meditation sessions. When his mind is calm and settled, he will hear peaceful weather, and when his focus drifts and his mind is busy, he will hear stormy weather, which cues him to bring his attention back to his breath. By connecting the device to his smartphone via bluetooth, dad can use the Muse Meditation app to also view the results of his meditation session and track his progress in real-time, including brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements.

For dads who are the quiet type:

8. Vegan Leather Journal

For dads who don’t express themselves much, this brown vegan leather journal will inspire him to put his thoughts on paper. The journal has everything he needs—so he can take it along with him when he’s travelling—including a pen holder, two slip-in pockets, and three ribbon bookmarks, and it’s refillable so he will never run out of space to write. 

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