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7 Vegan Mud Masks That Will Make You Fall in Love With Dirt-Kinder Beauty

7 Vegan Mud Masks That Will Make You Fall in Love With Dirt

Have you watched the new Netflix documentary, Kiss the Ground? It’s narrated by everyone’s favorite vegan uncle, Woody Harrelson. The message is stern but also reassuring: we can mitigate our climate emergency by looking at what’s literally right under our feet: dirt. Or, rather, soil.

That stuff is alive, teeming with microbes capable of healing the planet in numerous ways. Too much of our topsoil is becoming dried out dirt, though (thanks to pesticides, monocrops, and animal ag) is void of active microbial communities that feast on carbon.

But if taken care of properly, soil becomes a near-limitless carbon sink, far more effective at slowing (and even reversing) climate change than nearly anything else. 

But that dirt—the dry, dead soil-less soil stuff—isn’t entirely useless. In fact, for your face, it’s pretty potent fairy dust. Which is the long way of saying: keep healthy soil in the ground and healing dirt on your face.

These vegan mud masks come from mineral-rich dirt and clay, which hold both the keys to a beautiful planet and a beautiful you. So, get dirty and get glowing. 

1. Plantifique Skincare’s Pure Marine Clays Superfood Marine Clay Mask

This purifying mask combines seven potent superfoods with healing marine clay for an antioxidant-rich clean that unclogs pores instantly. Avocado and green tea help to soothe and smooth while detoxifying and delivering intense moisture. 

2. Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask 

Silica is to skin what Woody Harrelson is to environmental documentaries. They just go together, you know? Blue Lagoon pulls a skin tightening magic trick with a bioactive blend of clay and silica for full-on facial reset. Strengthen your skin while you deep clean and improve texture.

3. JJ Young Pore Mud Sheet Mask  

Mud Mask

Sheet masks aren’t cheating. The JJ Young Pore Mud Sheet Mask is so good we had to share it twice (originally seen in the September 2019 Kinder Beauty Box)! This innovative mask delivers the ultimate in pore care luxury. Simply apply to the face and feel the tightening firmness as your skin firms and rejuvenates. 

4. Grace & Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask

The unique thing about mud masks is that they detox and deliver nutrients at the same time. This Grace & Stella mask is full of Dead Sea clay, which pulls out the debris you can’t even see. And it replaces it with glow-enhancing nutrients that keep your skin shining and bright without damaging the skin’s natural oils.

5. Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask  

For a “Dead” body of water, the Dead Sea delivers a whole lotta life. This Pure Body Mud Mask marries bentonite clay with Dea Sea mud and potent detoxifying charcoal to absorb all the skin nasties. Moisture-locking shea butter keeps your skin hydrated and glowing long after you rinse and dry.


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6. Root Natural Soap Dead Sea Clay Purifying Mud Mask


Mineral-rich mud and clay marry in this ancient recipe rumored to be loved by Cleopatra herself. She used mud masks to cleanse and purify her skin. Root Natural’s kaolin clay helps balance the skin’s oil and absorb impurities.

7. Kypris Deep Forest Clay Mask


In the mood for luxury? Let Kypris’ mix of clay, ocean salt, algae, and forest goodies give you the glow up extraordinaire. It’ll make you fall in love with dirt and your skin, one purified pore at a time.


But wait! 

Though not mud per se, the following masks are amongst the most beloved ones featured in former Kinder Beauty collections. 

1. The Sonage: Saffron Energizing Vitamin Mask

We featured this mask back in our July Beauty Box, and for good reason. Firming, lifting, and hydrating, this mask will revitalize any complexion. Packed with nourishing ginseng, saffron, and CoQ10, it gives you that summery glow anytime of year. 

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2. 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask 

Not all parts of the face are the same, right? And that delicate eye skin can require more support than the rest of your face. It’s why we included the 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask in our February Box. Hydrating and cooling, this eye mask provides a caffeine kick to help you look as bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and gorgeous as you feel.

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3. Eve Hansen Antioxidant Sheet Mask 

Sheet masks are not going away anytime soon. We first featured this one in our March 2019 Box, but it’s still one of our faves a year-and-a-half later! You’ll see visibly improved skin elasticity and resiliency almost immediately. Nourishing and soothing, you can apply this simple sheet mask anytime, anywhere for a quick glow-up that lasts. 

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Jill Ettinger is an LA-based writer and editor focused on vegan and cruelty-free living.

Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels


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