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7 Fall Beauty Trends You Should Know About-Kinder Beauty

7 Fall Beauty Trends You Should Know About

It's hot out, and we're looking forward to all things autumn. And this fall, it’s all about being bold. Forget the summer pastels and cozy nude palettes of last year; we’ve all gone through some serious stuff in 2020, and this season is bringing out the war paint. The look is daring, seductive, and fierce—it gives you the confidence to stand in the face of adversity and say, “I got this.” From dominant Cleopatra-esque cat eyes to deep plum vampiress lips, these vegan and cruelty-free trends give back your power. 

1. Daring kohl-rimmed eyes

Put the liquid liner aside and reach for a black or dark brown pencil to line your upper and lower lids. Draw out the edges to form an upward winged tip (a.k.a. a cat eye) which will provide an instant lift to your eyes. Think Cleopatra, and use a heavy hand for a fierce and bold look. Try Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil for a perfect swoop.  

2. Glitzy shadow

When most of the world only sees your eyes thanks to your adorable floral-print face mask, you need to go bold. Drop the cozy warm shades and reach for something daring such as royal blue, shimmery orange, or rockstar metallic. Make your eyes pop with Juvia’s Place Wahala Palette to find your favorite head-turning shade.  

3. Over liner

Eyeliner has reached new heights—literally. Models sporting fall fashions strutted down the runway with over liner—a swipe of color just below the brow bone and directly on top of the crease. The effect makes you look alert and edgy. Bring it on with Sacha Cosmetics’ eyeliner pencil or go farther and swap the pencil for a broad stroke of shimmery shadow.  

4. Dark lips

In full transparency, we’ve neglected our lips for the last few months. What’s the point when you’re just going to cover it up (and likely smudge it) with a mask? However, for power Zoom conference calls, we still try to look our best (from the chest up, at least). Dark vampire lips are going to be a thing this fall, and while it may seem bold, this look carries with it a special kind of confidence when you rock it (and we know you'll rock it). We love The Lip Bar’s lipsticks in Merlot and Night Owl. 

5. Light brows

While the upcoming trends hold nothing back when it comes to the eyes, it is essential to use a lighter hand on the brows. Most people can put away the brow filler and go natural this season. If you have very light hair or sparse brows, try Sandstone Scandinavia eyebrow powder or a light brown pencil to fill them in just so that they are present, but subtle. 

6. Winged eyeshadow

Trace your kohl-lined cat eyes with a bright shadow for a playful pop of color. This look is a bit less fierce but a lot more fun. It’s perfect for Zoom dates or birthday drive-bys for your little nephew’s “party.” Ace Beaute’s Nostalgia Palette is perfect for this application.  

7. Naked skin

With more than half your face covered, there’s no need to pat on the foundation or setting powder. Go natural and let your skin breathe. If you tend to get dark circles under your eyes, even out our canvas with a touch of cream or liquid concealer. Wary about going naked? Mented Cosmetic’s Skin by Mented doubles as a smooth stick concealer and a foundation, so you can add a bit more coverage if that makes you feel more confident. 


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Tanya Flink is a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

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