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7 All-Natural Moisturizers and Balms for Your Lips and Hands-Kinder Beauty

7 All-Natural Moisturizers and Balms for Your Lips and Hands

Perhaps the only things more valuable than toilet paper in the current climate are hand soap and sanitizer. Clean hands prevent illness, of course, but all that overwashing can lead to dryness. And as winter comes to its long-awaited, long-overdue, not-so-bitter end (was March a year-long, or what?), hands can be more cracked and dry than ever. Add to that the arrival of allergy season, coming in strong with sniffles for millions, and dry lips are now giving those brittle hands a run for their money. Fortunately, there’s a bevy of luxe, healing salves and balms perfect for moisturizing hands, lips, heels, elbows, and everything in between.

1. Soapwalla's Repair Balm

Don’t be mistaken by this balm’s solid appearance. As soon as you dip your finger in, the repair balm melts into a thick and soothing oil blend. A healing and fragrant mix of moringa, prickly pear, frankincense, and blue tansy, this balm is nothing short of a pot of magic. It’s absolutely perfect for soothing any cracking dry spots on your body and is gentle enough for delicate kids’ skin, too. At $72, this little pot is an investment, to say the least—but then again, so are you. 

2. 100% Pure's Pink Grapefruit Hand Buttercream

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Give your body the deep moisturizing it craves. This rich cream feeds your skin with anti-aging rosehip seed oil and green tea, avocado oil, and creamy, dreamy cocoa butter. Its citrus scent is just the perk you need to hydrate that end-of-winter mood, too. And don’t be deceived by the name; while it’s called “buttercream,” this hand cream is all vegan. And it’s so delish you may just want to have to a taste.

3. Bali Balm

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This is a best-seller for a reason. No matter your gender, this stunningly intensive formula boasts plant-powered antioxidants and antibacterial properties alike (which, these days, seems to be just what the doctor ordered). We at Kinder are officially obsessed with the Bali balm, which is why it recently appeared in our buzzed-about Beau Box. But be warned: Once you've got the Bali Balm on your precious lips, your main squeeze won't stop smooching you. 

4. Shea Moisture’s 100-percent virgin coconut oil daily hydration dry skin vegan salve moisturizer

Coconut oil is about as rich and luxe as it comes. And when mixed with raw shea butter (fair-trade, to boot), the result is a pure and nourishing skin-softener your body will crave. Loaded with healthy fats and vitamins, you can rub this salve anywhere and everywhere—from lips to little toes. And trust us: you really, really should.

5. Ellovi Lip Butter

In case you somehow missed our Kinder box April reveal, let's just say that in it, you'll find a few of our favorite things. Needless to say, that includes Ellovi Lip Butter, made with just six completely perfect, plant-based ingredients (macadamia butter, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed wax, tangerine oil, and ylang ylang oil). This smells as divine as it feels on our lips. We sort of want to eat it, but we'll do our very best to just let our lips luxuriate in this rich, buttery goodness instead. 

6. Eco Lips Balm

Does all this quarantine have you locked inside with forced air? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be where it’s warm. But that means allergies and stuffed up noses and the dreaded mouth-breathing (sorry). Lips are taking a beating. And they can go from bad to armageddon in mere hours. Eco Lips wants to help, and its ultra-moisturizing lip care balms can do just that. The non-toxic balms are cruelty-free and all-natural—made with candelilla wax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil to soothe away painful dryness and chapping. It may be hard to smile these days, but give it a try.   

7. HURRAW! Lip Balms

Heaven on Earth can be summed up in three simple words: Earl Grey Tea. And HURRAW! Is making a lip balm that will leave you feeling like you just had the very best of the stuff. This line of lip balms comes in a range of lip-smackingly delicious flavors like chai spice, chocolate, papaya pineapple, and baobab banana. Made with vegan and organic ingredients, HURRAW! wants your lips to be the very best they can. Do you?


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Jill Ettinger is an LA-based writer and editor focused on vegan and cruelty-free living.

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