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6 Tips to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows-Kinder Beauty

6 Tips to Achieve Perfect Eyebrows

There’s no “right” way for eyebrows to look, except to say that they should reflect each person’s inner beauty and uniqueness. After all, it’s often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul—so eyebrows that express your personality are pretty important! Whether you like them pencil-thin or bushy, neon or black, here are six tips to help you achieve the eyebrows that are perfect for you.

1. Brush Out Your Brows First

Before doing anything with your eyebrows, comb through them using a spoolie brush or eyebrow comb. For shaping, you can comb your eyebrows straight up and trim any hairs that extend over your natural brow shape, then simply brush them into place. We love the Brow Chicka Wow Brow and Lash Spoolie Brush from MOTD Cosmetics. It combines a spoolie brush on one end to tame your brows, with an angled fur-free brush on the other for applying brow pomade, gel or powder.

2. Don’t Over-Pluck

As someone who grew up in the ’90s and idolized Gwen Stefani’s and Drew Barrymore’s then ultra-thin brows, I can personally attest to this. If you over-pluck your brows, you may regret it later. Plucking too much can lead to permanent hair loss and a forever misshapen brow. This will make it difficult later on if trends change or if you simply want to rock a thicker brow for a bit (trust me!). Instead, when tweezing, stay away from your eyebrow shape and only remove stray, rogue hairs. One way to help keep from going overboard while plucking is to fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil before plucking, and after every few plucks step back from the mirror to look at your whole face. Try to leave the actual brow shaping to the professionals. 

3. Use Pomade for the Perfect Arch and Shape

If you have thin, sparse brows like me, or just want a more dramatic brow, a good eyebrow pomade or gel, and an angled synthetic brush, are your best bet. A little goes a long way, so use the product sparingly. Start applying the pomade at your arch, and gradually extend to the tail of your eyebrow and then to the head (a.k.a. the inner corner of the brow). This will prevent your brows from looking like they were done with a Sharpie (unless that’s what you’re going for, of course—you do you!). Your brows won’t budge Chella's Eyebrow Defining Gel in a clear color that's perfect for anyone ... and a little birdie told me that this very product is going to be featured in an upcoming Kinder Beauty box, but you didn't hear that from me (however, you should get on that). 

4. Use Short Strokes to Mimic Hairs for a Natural Look

Microblading eyebrows is popular right now, but if you don’t want the commitment of tattooed brows, use short flicks with a brow pencil or brow pen throughout your brow to mimic hairs. Patience is key here, but your time and attention to detail will pay off once you’re done and have super realistic looking brows. An automatic eyebrow pencil, like this one from Chellawhich was featured in the November Kinder Beauty box, is perfectly angled and allows for creating thin, hairlike lines. It also comes with a spoolie brush on one end for blending the product and taming unruly hairs. 

5. Fill in The Gaps and Mix Shades for a Customized Color

If your eyebrows are sparse, thin, or missing patches from plucking mishaps, an eyebrow powder is perfect for filling them in. Use brow powder with an angled, dry brush for a softer finish, or a wet brush for a more defined look. A lighter-colored brow powder can also be used over brow pomade or gel as a highlighter to create dimension. INIKA Organic’s Brow Define Palette is worth every penny. It comes with everything you need: a light and dark shade of powder, natural wax that doesn’t come from our bee friends, and a mini brow and spoolie brush. (We at Kinder Beauty are obsessed with INIKA and regularly feature them in the Kinder boxes, including in our Rose Collection this past July).

6. Have Fun! 

Makeup is all about having fun, loving yourself, and feeling beautiful! Experiment with different colors and shapes depending on your mood, outfit, or current hair color. So make your eyebrows pink, or extend them by drawing them in, or add lots of glitter and pizzazz. The important thing here is to express yourself. And even in the time of this mask-wearing pandemic, one thing is for sure: your brows are going to show on your next Zoom call! So, basically, make it count. 

Finally, remember to shop cruelty-Free and vegan!

Some cosmetics companies pay for cruel animal tests so that they can continue to sell in areas where animal testing is required by law. But you don’t have to support cruelty! Each of the products mentioned above are 100-percent cruelty-free, meaning that no animals were experimented on to make them, and thousands of other brands are anti-animal testing, too. To ensure the products you buy don’t harm animals, check out our tips, or become a Kinder Beauty subscriber today for the very best in cruelty-free, vegan beauty. 


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Kim Johnson is a writer and social media strategist with 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector working for animal protection organizations. 

Photo by Min An from Pexels.

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