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5 Vegan Beauty Tips for a Knockout Holiday Party Look-Kinder Beauty

5 Vegan Beauty Tips for a Knockout Holiday Party Look

Here come the holidays! Time to pull out your favorite party outfits and get ready to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in style. Whether you’re heading out to an office party, meeting friends at a bar to exchange gifts, or attending a festive holiday fête, you’ll want your makeup to be as stunning as your fabulous party shoes. So get out your cosmetics bag! Kinder is sharing our favorite tips for a knock-out holiday party look.

There’s nothing more festive than a bold red lip

We’ve gotten through the year and now is the time to celebrate. Red symbolizes different things in different cultures, but it always makes a strong statement. In China, red symbolizes luck, joy, and happiness, and is the color worn by brides. In Western cultures it symbolizes passion, love, and danger. It’s also, of course, a classic Christmas color. Why not embrace all of these things, and claim the center of attention at your next holiday gathering with a strong red lip? It used to be challenging to find a red lipstick without carmine (made from insects), but not anymore. Some of our favorites include all-vegan Milk Makeup’s red shades “Name Drop” (a warm orange-red) and O.G. Red (a cooler true red). 

A little bit of shimmer never hurt anyone

Just before you finish putting on your face, don’t forget a bit of shimmer (just enough for that angelic glow). We love Hourglass makeup’s Ambient Lighting Palette with three different shades of powder that will give you a luminous glow, even after a long day at work. Using a brush, highlight cheekbones, temples, and wherever else you see fit. Just remember to start light and build. It’s much easier to add shimmer than to take it away.

A pop of color ups the drama (in a good way)

Though the holidays are when many of us work our hardest to avoid family drama, there is great drama to be had when putting on our party faces. Perhaps you’ve already had your red lip moment and want to try something different that demands the attention you deserve. For something new, try a subtle gloss on your lips (such as the luscious Lele Pons x Tarte vegan lipgloss) and a touch of jewel-toned eyeshadow on your lids. We love this emerald green eye color from Medusa’s Makeup.

There’s a vegan mascara for every possible look

While we’re on the subject of attention-grabbing eyes, let’s talk about lashes. It wasn’t so long ago that it was nearly impossible to find a rich vegan mascara that offered the intense black glamorous lashes that so many of us sought. But times have changed. Today brands including Tarte and Milk offer the perfect mascaras to give you the luxurious thick lashes that will perfectly complement your dramatic eyeshadow. And if you’re looking for something more subtle, try Juice Beauty’s Ultra-Natural mascara.

Make taking it all off part of your beauty routine

It’s just so easy to fall into bed after a late night out without cleaning our faces. As much as sleep may be calling when we come home from holiday parties, it’s important that we clean off our makeup before hitting the hay. Besides helping to prevent breakouts, when we wash up and put our skincare products on our visages before bed, it helps the skin to repair at night, giving us the bright, healthy foundation we need. Make sure you use a gentle face cleanser, such as vegan Desert Essence’s Thoroughly Clean, to take it all off before you go to sleep.

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Maya Gottfried is the author of books for children and adults, including Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary (Knopf) and Vegan Love (Skyhorse).

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