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5 Springtime Makeup Trends You Need to Try

Spring is finally in the air after a long hibernation, and makeup trends for the season are all about having fun. Though we’ve been spending our time at home for more than a year (with no need for a face full of makeup), trends have emerged to reflect the new norm. Whether you’re planning a socially distanced hangout in the park or a full day of work meetings on Zoom, this season’s colorful eyeshadows and unhinged browns that pop behind a mask are exactly what we need to add a little drama to our lives. Here are five springtime makeup trends you’ll see everywhere—even if you’re standing six feet apart.

Bold eyes

Bold Eyeshadow

Face coverings have changed the way we do makeup, so focusing on the eyes is an opportunity to get creative with your makeup.

The blue eyeshadow trend from the ‘80s never really went away, and now there are shades for every skin tone and eye color. Choosing a pop of color like this can be an act of bold self-expression. If you’re not ready to take the risk of a color you don’t normally wear, try swiping a liquid or pencil eyeliner in a bold shade instead; it could be any color your heart desires, but consider burnt orange or sky blue to stay on point with this season’s trends.

Try: IBY Beauty Eyeshadow in Backstage (from the Kinder Beauty's Peony Collection box)

A natural glow

Natural glow

Dewy skin is in, so this is the time to focus on skincare if you aren’t already.

Given that many of us haven’t put on a full face of makeup in months, a shift to effortless makeup won’t be much … well, effort. With this trend, we’re not necessarily talking about more products. This statement is a return to more of a natural skin that looks like you’ve just taken good care of it. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that self-care should be a priority, so putting on a face mask in the middle of the afternoon should be totally doable.  

Try: J&L Naturals Shine Face Mask (from Kinder Beauty’s Shine On box)

Bigger brows

Natural bolder brows

Natural, thicker brows are another trend this season, so don’t worry if you aren’t been able to do anything with your brows while the salons are closed.

This low-maintenance look means brows are fluffier and brushed in an upward direction, which gives your eyes an instant lift. Use a soft pencil to fill in if needed, but otherwise there is really no need for tweezers—at least for this season.  

Try: Chella Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe (featured in a recent Kinder Beauty box)

Lipstick with a punch

brighter lipstick

Punchy colors are being extended from our eyes to our lips.

After a year with so many people not wearing lipstick at all, we are bound to see bold. A swipe of vibrant cherry red or hot pink lipstick is an easy way to level up your look in the days of Zoom, but be sure to save this look for when you’re at home and sans mask. The best way to wear this look is to pair it with minimal, fresh-faced makeup, such as mascara and blush. 

Try: Josephine Cosmetics Lip/Power The Bold Liquid Lipstick (from Kinder Beauty’s Self-Crush Collection)

Monochromatic makeup

monochromatic makeup matching eyeshadow and lip color

Playing with the same shades for eyes and lips is another trend this season.

To create this look, you can go light with soft pinks on your eyes, cheeks, and lips, or be bold with a fuchsia or neon pink on your lids and a coordinating bold matte shade on your lips. 

Try: Habit Cosmetics Multi-Use Color (from Kinder Beauty’s Peony Collection box)

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