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5 Self-Care Beauty Products Perfect for Anyone Struggling With Winter Blues

There's no doubt about it: winter is hard.

Maybe you're cold and beaten down by the weight of this season. Or maybe you're feeling the heaviness of the new year, shorter days, and less sun. We're right there with you, friend.

For most of us, when things get hard, self-care is the first thing to fall by the wayside. You know you should step up your wellness regimen, but ... But. 

Kinder beauties, listen: During these short days especially, you deserve that excuse to slow down and treat yourself to some R&R. As a matter of fact, so do we.

With self-care on our minds, here are the best of the best products to get you feeling the love where it matters most: inside your own skin.

1. Acure Beauty’s Charcoal Hydrogels


Depuffing is damn near a religious experience. Prove us wrong!

This time of year when we’re exposed to harsh and windy cold weather outside and unbearably dry indoor air, eyes are often the first to take a beating—from irritation and redness to the dreaded puffs and baggage. But it doesn’t have to be this way. These soothing under-eye gels from Acure feature the healing blend of charcoal to help reduce inflammation almost instantly. Pop them on while in the tub or while getting ready in the morning. Peel them off and reveal a whole new glow. It’s like a time machine taking you to the past and the future all at once.

2. Uncle Harry’s Tooth Remineralization Kit


Avoiding the dentist ... self-care or self-neglect?

While you sort that out, you can get perfectly pearly whites with Uncle Harry’s totally natural remineralization kit. The kit includes a powder polish, mouthwash, and remineralization elixir designed to repair and protect your enamel. Warning: it’s not for the weak. This stuff is extra herby and strong. So get your mouth ready for botanicals at their most potent. But you can handle it, because you’re a boss. You’ll shine and brighten up your gorgeous smile while helping balance and protect it from future damage. You glisten, girl.

3. Eco Bath London Natural Pumice Stone


Shedding those layers that don’t serve you anymore is the ultimate in self-care.

And we’re talking literally. Smooth your feet, elbows, and any other rough patches with an all-natural pumice stone to buff it out. Follow up with a deep penetrating moisturizer and then tuck your feet into some organic cotton socks overnight. Just wait until you feel the difference in those baby-soft toes and heels. It’s practically a rebirth, baby.

4. Spa Ritual Nourishing Vegan Nail Polish


One of the best things about late-winter? 

Those lovely bouquets remind us that we’re just about to turn the corner to spring. The thaw is so close, you can dig your nails into it ... but be sure to give them that mani-pedi they deserve first. SpaRitual’s spring color polishes are the perfect pick-me-up. And with none of the nasties in conventional polish, you’re doing your bod and the planet a huge favor, too. It’s so all-around good that it’s almost rude not to treat yourself!

5. Sakara Life Beauty Chocolates

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What if chocolate is actually the beauty secret you need in your life?

Yes, you read that right. Chocolate is a beauty food. The little cocoa bean is antioxidant-packed with glow-up goodness. And when you opt for vegan chocolates (as in no milk), you’re getting more of the chocolate magic and none of the skin problems associated with milk, like acne and redness. Sakara Life’s Beauty Chocolates also add in collagen-boosting Ceramosides Phytoceramides, which have been clinically proven to improve skin. 

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