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Veganize Your Makeup Drawer in Just 4 Steps-Kinder Beauty

Veganize Your Makeup Drawer in Just 4 Steps

You might be surprised by which products in your makeup drawer are harmful to animals and the environment. Never fear, though; these four easy steps will get you started on veganizing your makeup drawer without breaking your bank. 

1.  Some brushes are a hair-don’t.

When exploring vegan beauty, it can be easy to get distracted by the exciting amount of cruelty-free luscious lipsticks and powdery palettes available, but don’t forget to check your brushes, too. Many blush and face tools contain animal hair, which is a no-no if you’re veganizing your beauty routine. Consider trying e.l.f. Cosmeticsbrushes, which come in a variety of sets and colors and are 100-percent synthetic. At as little as $12.00 for a professional set of 12 brushes, you’ll be blushing with joy. If you need more selection for single brushes, EcoTools also makes affordable and bright, animal-friendly options.

2. Whoever you’re kissing these days is nobody’s beeswax.

This time of year is murder on our lips, and nothing says "step away from my lips!" like a chapped, cracking kisser. Unfortunately, many lip balms contain beeswax, which is harmful in ways some beauty gurus may not be aware of. Removing beeswax or honey from a hive is exploitative of bees and can disrupt the amount of production they need to survive as a colony. But you don’t have to give up that delicious feeling that comes with applying a soothing balm to parched lips. Hurraw Lip Balm offers vegan, cruelty-free lip therapy in a yummy plethora of flavors, including tart raspberry, delectable black cherry, and cozy hazelnut—all for $5 each. You’ll be back in smooching action right with plenty of time for Valentine's Day preparations.

3. Wipe away excess waste.

We’ve all been there: Staggering home after a fun-but-exhausting night on the town with barely enough energy to scarf down a fast-food snack before tumbling into bed just in time for the sun to rise. Reaching for cleansing wipes is the easiest way to remove the night’s dance-off, if we even bother. But whipping out dozens of wipes to tackle one eye’s worth of mascara can do a number on the environment, even if it’s a quick solution for raccoon eyes when you’re due to meet family or friends for Sunday brunch. Luckily, brands like Arbonne and Alba Botanica make eco-friendly, biodegradable wipes that don’t harm the environment. Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian 3-in-1 towelettes are especially comforting, and their fresh, fruity fragrance are a welcome burst of energy the morning after.

4. It’s in the bag.

Have a look at your cosmetic carriers and makeup bags. Chances are, one of them contains an animal product (specifically an animal skin such as leather). But compassion doesn’t mean canceling out glamour—especially when it comes to these slick babies from Crunchi. Not only are their makeup bags vegan and cruelty-free, but they’re also water- and scratch-resistant and come in a choice of sizes for your carrying and organizing needs. If you require a larger carrier, Mat and Nat make gorgeous, vegan clutches, as well as this sleek, formal-looking vanity bag. Now open that drawer with plant-power confidence, and get your beautiful face 2020-ready.

As always, Kinder Beauty is totally vegan and cruelty-free, so subscribe today!

Natalya Anderson is a writer, award-winning poet and former ballet dancer from Toronto.


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