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3 Reasons Why Vegan Subscription Boxes are the Best

Much like clean beauty boxes, vegan subscription boxes are only getting more popular as time goes on.

It makes sense. Monthly deliveries of vegan self-care products? (And, in Kinder Beauty’s case, products that are clean, cruelty-free, and high-quality, too?)

Sign us up.

As a vegan subscription box company, we know the ins and outs of what makes vegan boxes better than the rest—and we want our subscribers to be happy and healthy, too. Not only are vegan subscription boxes better than non-vegan ones when it comes to your skin health, but they also help save animal lives, and they are kinder to the planet.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes vegan beauty boxes the absolute best subscription service around.

1. You’re protecting your body.

A lot of the time, the best vegan beauty products will have cleaner ingredients. Most vegan subscription box companies not only care about animals, but they care about your health, too (at Kinder Beauty, we sure do—let us help curate your beauty and self-care regimes!).

When it comes to beauty products, the cleaner, the better. That’s why here at Kinder, we’re vegan, cruelty-free, and completely clean. Though not all vegan beauty boxes are, rest assured that Kinder is. And, honestly, you should expect nothing less from the best vegan subscription box.

There are some super nasty ingredients hiding in many beauty products. These awful, toxic ingredients are the main reason why clean beauty is on the rise. Beauty and wellness shouldn’t come at the cost of your health (that seems like a no-brainer).

Vegan subscription box companies can be very conscious of including clean products (like the Zion Health Ancient Clay Soap with Peppermint Oil we featured in the June 2021 box). At Kinder Beauty, being clean (in addition to vegan and cruelty-free) is important to us; we want you to feel as good as you look—from your first order on.

Here at Kinder Beauty, we have super strict standards for our products. We want to make sure what you’re putting on your body is as safe as what you put in it (cue the vegan meal-prep!). That's because we know that embracing veganism in whatever way feels right to you is more than just about vegan food or dietary choices; we want to introduce you to new products that are good for your body and in alignment with your worldview of being, well, kinder!

2. Vegan beauty products are better for your skin.

Overall, vegan products are better for us, animals, and the environment. And at Kinder, that’s what we’re all about. This is not your ordinary makeup box. 

But what are the real benefits of using vegan products?

A lot of beauty products these days, especially in the skincare department, include animal-derived ingredients.

Lanolin (a waxy substance found on sheep’s wool) and mink oil (an oil that comes from mink fat) are especially common in skincare products. These two substances are usually used for their smoothing and softening properties. 

But the truth is, in addition to being cruel to animals, these ingredients are highly comedogenic—pore-clogging. 

When pores are clogged, there’s very little texture on the skin. Sure, that’s great for a while, but soon these clogged pores are gonna turn into nasty pimples. 

And you definitely don’t want that.

Treating your skin with gentle products that promote long-term healing (like the Derma E Hydrating Night Cream we featured in the April 2021 box) is the way to go. That means avoiding these pore-clogging ingredients and sticking to the vegan stuff. Vegan beauty products can be like superfoods for your skin. 

Psst ... here are 16 other animal ingredients you should avoid at all costs!

3. Vegan products are kinder to animals.

Obviously, using vegan products means you're being kinder to animals. Full stop. But that doesn't only translate to: "I guess I have to eat my veggies if I want to save the animals." (Though in our opinion, eating veggies does save the animals!)

Veggies aside, using vegan beauty products instead of ones that include animal products is also a perfect way to make a difference for our furry and sometimes four-footed friends. Whenever there are non-vegan beauty products, you can be guaranteed that animals are hurt and killed. 

Take bees, for example. Beeswax and honey are found in tons of different beauty products. But a lot of the time, too much is taken at once. Without their wax or honey, bees literally have no food or housing. How can they be expected to survive when their most basic needs are taken away?

Not to mention, we rely on bees to survive. Without them, we wouldn’t stand a chance!

Since these animals don’t have a voice of their own (well, they do ... but humans don't speak rabbit or cow, sadly), they need us to speak up for them. And by refusing to use non-vegan products, and subscribing to a vegan subscription box that features only clean ingredients, you’re doing just that.

See? We’re not biased.

Vegan subscription boxes really are the best. And by choosing a vegan box and using cleaner products, you’re helping create a better, kinder world. Whether you're a new vegan, a seasoned vegan, simply vegan-curious, or you just know for sure that you want to be only use vegan beauty products, we welcome you to Kinder Beauty. 

If you’re not sure where to start when choosing a subscription box, try USA Today’s number one choice—Kinder Beauty Box


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