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11 Rainbow Vegan Beauty Products to Rock During Pride Month-Kinder Beauty

11 Rainbow Vegan Beauty Products to Rock During Pride Month

This month marks the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, a series of riots started by members of the LGBTQ community in response to a police raid at a Greenwich Village gay bar, Stonewall Inn. When the police became violent, the queer community (and their allies) fought back, resulting in the biggest tide change to date for LGBTQ people—paving the way for the modern-day fight for LGBTQ rights.

Notably, the first Pride was started by Black and Brown trans people (including Marsha P. Johnson and Zazu Nova), and it was that uprising that ultimately led to a much better world for LGBTQ people—though, importantly, trans women and men (and in particular, trans women and men of color) remain frighteningly and dangerously marginalized. This year especially, with Black Lives Matter finally being given the energy it has needed for hundreds of years (which Kinder Beauty fully supports), we celebrate Black LGBTQ individuals, and we recognize that Pride wouldn't be what it is today without their bravery. 

Pride month is a time for activism and solidarity (#blacktranslivesmatter), self-expression, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, and raising awareness about equality (including the many steps we still need to take to reach that). While many of the big parades and parties have been put on hold this year (though some—such as yesterday's in West Hollywood—are being re-centralized as Black Lives Matter marches), there are still ways to show your Pride.

Express yourself and your Pride with these vegan, cruelty-free rainbow beauty products. 

1. Arctic Fox Hair Color

Arctic Fox hair color is super long-lasting, vibrant, free of harsh chemicals, and smells amazing. You can easily dilute the colors with conditioner if you prefer pastels, or use the product as-is for ultra-saturated color. We are obsessed with vegan Claire Madrigal's gorgeous rainbow locks, and thank her for her bravery in being on the frontlines of Covid-19 as a nurse. 

2. BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Eyeshadow Palette

It can be a challenge to find brightly colored eyeshadow palettes that are as beautiful as our vegan values, because carmine (a red-colored ingredient that’s made from crushed beetles) can be lurking in some of the shades. But no need to worry with the BH Cosmetics’ Take Me Back to Brazil palette, which contains 35 buildable and blendable shades. No bugs need to be harmed in the making of your Pride celebration!

3. Claws Out Nail Polish

Claws Out nail polish shades are each named after a cause that the company’s founders care about. “Pride” is a bright canary yellow shade that’s perfect for Pride month, and Claws Out is donating 20 percent of the profits from the shade to Human Rights Campaign. Pair “Pride” with other shades of the rainbow, because all of Claws Out’s nail polishes are vegan and free from the harmful chemicals that are commonly found in other nail polishes.

4. Colourpop Better Together Glitterally Impossible Glitter Gels Mini Trio

No Pride look is complete without glitter! These mini glitter gels from Colourpop add the perfect amount of sparkle and compliment any face or body part with a trio of baby pink, copper opal, and white opal glitters. Shine, gurl! 

5. e.l.f. X JKissa to the Rescue Eyeshadow Palette &
Furever Eyeshadow Brush Set

If we had to choose just one product to create the perfect Pride makeup look, it would be the e.l.f x JKissa's limited edition To The Rescue Eyeshadow Palette! The outside of the palette is completely plain—a perfect canvass you can customize with the adorable sticker sheet that comes with the palette. Be sure to also pick up the e.l.f. X JKissa Furever Eyeshadow Brush Set and celebrate Pride year-round with these limited edition rainbow products. 

7. Folly Fire Matte Manipulation Lipstick

We’re obsessed with vegan makeup company, Folly Fire! All of Folly Fire products are cruelty-free, of course, and free from gluten and fragrances. Their lipsticks come in a variety of rich, long-lasting shades. While you're Zooming in to a local (or faraway) Pride march, put on a bright lipstick and pucker up! Your lips have never been so festive.

8. Jordana Cosmic Glow Holographic Lip Gloss

 We love that Jordana is affordable and sold in major drugstore chains, making quality, cruelty-free cosmetics accessible to everyone. The Holographic Lip Glosses are gorgeously iridescent and sparkly. They can be worn alone or over other lipsticks. So get ready to experiment, and kiss your old boring lips goodbye! 

9. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Rainbow Mist

Achieve gorgeous rainbow hair without the commitment. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Rainbow Mists will transform your locks into a colorful masterpiece that you can wash out at the end of the day. Experiment with streaks, colorful tips, and all-over color with these temporary color sprays. You've always known you were a unicorn, right?

10. Pacifica Cosmic Reflect Hemp-Infused Eye Shadows

Are vivids not your thing? You can create gorgeous shimmering Pride-inspired eyes with Pacifica’s Cosmic Reflect Hemp-Infused eyeshadow palette. This iconic palette comes with a brush, too, which makes it super easy to toss in your bag and take anywhere and everywhere (just like your Pride).

11. Sugarpill Fun Size Palette

Sugarpill’s Fun Size Palette may be compact in size, but it’s big in color payoff. This adorable palette has a super-cute kitty on the cover and nine highly pigmented shades, so you can create the perfect Pride look on the go. But do be prepared for everyone else to be jealous of you (which you're used to, right?). 


What’s your favorite Pride-inspired aesthetic? Tag us on Instagram (@kinderbeautybox) wearing your vegan, cruelty-free rainbow looks. We can’t wait to see how all of our Kinder beauties will be celebrating Pride.


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Kim Johnson is a writer and social media strategist with 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector working for animal protection organizations

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