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10 Super Fun Makeup Trends You Need To Try Now!

10 Super Fun Makeup Trends You Need To Try Now!

New day, new makeup trends.

Seems like every day there’s something new and exciting going on in the makeup world. People are always coming up with creative hacks and fresh looks we’re all dying to try out for ourselves.

These days, it’s all about the natural look. Sunkissed, glowing skin, lightweight and breathable formulas, barely-there looks … basically, we’re all owning our natural beauty and it’s, well, beautiful!

Although some makeup trends change like the seasons, there are definitely a couple with serious staying power. So we’re here to tell you what’s sticking around (and recommend some amazing vegan and cruelty-free makeup for you to try out) so you can make sure you’re putting your best and trendiest face forward.


Cream makeup formula


1. Soap brows

Feathery, fluffy, natural brows are all the rage. 

And luckily, you don’t have to use soap to achieve them anymore (in fact, soap will probably irritate your skin if it sits there too long). There are plenty of brow gels out there—like e.l.f.'s Brow Lift—that are made to hold brows high all day long.

You can go as intense or natural as you want when it comes to soap brows. This trend works with thick and thin brows, so don’t be afraid to try it out!

2. Minimal foundation

No-makeup-makeup looks aren’t going anywhere.

When it comes to foundation, less is more. It’s time to celebrate your natural skin, not cover it up! Products with lighter coverage, like ILIA’s Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 or the SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer from Juice Beauty are the way to go these days. 

Psst—even if products contain SPF, make sure to wear another layer of sunscreen to properly protect your skin!

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3. Spot concealing before foundation

Gone are the days of covering your face in concealer (which means creasing is a thing of the past, too!).

Spot concealing with a medium-to-full coverage concealer like Kosas Revealer Concealer before applying your foundation actually makes blemishes less noticeable. And no need to pack it on—a thin layer is enough to do the trick.

When it comes to your under-eyes, you only need two dots: one near your inner corner and one near your outer corner. From there, blend upwards toward your temples for a quick and easy eyelift.

4. Subtle contour with self-tanner

The word “tantouring” might not be inducted into the Merriam-Webster dictionary any time soon, but it’s a real thing that you should definitely be trying out!

Applying self-tanner in all the places you would usually contour gives you a soft, sunkissed sculpt that can look even more realistic than your traditional contour—not to mention it cuts your prep time in half since you don’t need to bronze every day.

For this genius hack, try Coco&Eve’s Bronzing Face Drops and get a structured vacay glow year-round.

5. Cream and liquid formulas

Powders, move aside. 

Keeping in line with the glowy, no-makeup-makeup look, cream and liquid formulas provide a gorgeous natural-looking finish by melting into your skin as opposed to covering it up. And, where powders tend to dry out skin and crease throughout the day, creams and liquids are more hydrating and less likely to settle into fine lines.

Products like Saie’s Dew Blush and Glowy Super Gel give your skin a gorgeous radiance without the heavy-powder feel. 

6. Glowy illuminator

It’s all about the glow, baby. 

But not that glittery, blinding flash—the world is moving towards a softer, more radiant glimmer. Illuminators give skin a subtle, more ethereal look that’s simply to die for.

Try Rare Beauty’s Positive Light Liquid Luminizer for a blendable, buildable shine that looks like it comes from within.

lip gloss

7. Shimmery eyeshadow

While we always love a bold eye look, barely-there eyeshadow is super in right now.

Add just enough shimmer to your lids to draw attention to your eyes without overpowering their natural beauty with Han Skincare’s Eyeshadow. A simple, one-step shadow routine is enough to make your eyes pop without stealing the spotlight.

Psst—use the KVOSS Perfecting Potion primer to illuminate your lids and create the perfect, stay-all-day base for your eyeshadow!

8. Simple winged eyeliner

For when you want to make a subtle statement.

We’re going back to basics with simple black winged eyeliner. Not only does it help emphasize the eye, but wings can also beautifully accentuate your natural eye shape. Plus, this clean, sophisticated look works for everyone.

Try ILIA’s Clean Line Liquid Eyeliner for smooth, easy application. The felt tip pen is a game-changer when it comes to creating the perfect wing!

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9. Neutral lip gloss

Are you starting to see a theme here? We’re loving the celebration of our natural beauty!

A nude or pink gloss is the perfect way to dress up your lips in a way that meshes with the natural makeup look. Like the shimmery eyeshadow, a bit of shine can draw attention to your lips without completely stealing the spotlight. 

Try 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Lip Gloss for a moisturized, lightly tinted look that’ll turn heads.

10. Lightweight mascara

When it comes to mascara, put away the bigger-than-life volume and opt for a more subtle formula.

Use My Little Mascara Club’s Mascara to give your lashes an extra oomph. For gentle lift and some light volume, use Volume + Curl, and for sky-high length and beautiful separation, use Lengthen + Definition.

Bonus tip: curate an effective yet basic skincare routine

We’re sure you already know natural beauty and glow actually come from the inside (and although we’re sure you have a heart of gold, that’s not what we mean!).

Taking care of your skin is the number one way to get radiant skin that’ll last a lifetime. Make sure you’re using products that work with your skin type to achieve the results you’re looking for, and never ever forget your SPF!

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to skincare, check out this guide for skincare beginners!

Final thoughts 

We’re loving these beauty trends, and we hope you do, too. It’s high time we started removing filters and celebrating our natural features. 

But don’t get us wrong—we’re always here for daring, bold makeup looks. Makeup is about doing what makes you feel good, whatever that looks like.

As long as you’re celebrating what makes you uniquely you, you’re doing it right!

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Ashley Webb is a professional copywriter for the clean, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty industry. Using SEO and consumer research, she writes blogs, webpage copy, product descriptions, and emails for beauty brands that are committed to making a difference. Adopting her two kitties, Ivy and Binx, started her journey to advocacy for animal rights, and even led her to go vegan! Learn more about her and her work at

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