Creating a Kinder Planet: Animal Equality, PCRM, and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Creating a Kinder Planet: Animal Equality, PCRM, and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Throughout 2021, Kinder Beauty is partnering with three premiere charities whose work is at the forefront of change for animals and the planet. The charitable giving component Kinder Beauty is at the core of why we do what we do—create vegan, cruelty-free, clean beauty products so that we can mainstream ethical beauty and support those working to create change. Though we will be continuing to benefit multiple organizations with our marketplace and other special programs, our three premiere partners will receive regular support throughout 2020. The game-changing nonprofits we chose to work with this year are helping millions of animals, promoting human health, and benefiting the planet.

By raising awareness of the positive impacts of a plant-based lifestyle and by preventing animal cruelty, Animal Equality, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary have all made positive change for animals (and humans). Whether they are campaigning in Italy, rescuing farmed animals in Upstate New York, or providing in-depth research in support of cruelty-free alternatives to animal testing, these three organizations have each, in their own way, created a Kinder planet. We are so thrilled and proud to be working with them. Your support of Kinder Beauty helps to bolster the efforts of these three charities. 

Animal Equality

Founded fifteen years ago in Spain by activists Javier Moreno, Jose Valle, and Sharon Núñez, today Animal Equality has nearly 100 employees working out of offices in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States. The global organization engages thousands of activists in its work to raise awareness of the cruelty endured by farmed animals around the world. Through their investigations, protests, petitions, and videos, they have helped hundreds of millions of animals by inspiring legislators, corporations, and individuals to change laws, business policies, and personal food choices. By encouraging veganism, Animal Equality is helping people to save animal lives with their daily decisions. The organization’s recent accomplishments include helping to convince authorities in Zapopan, Mexico to establish protections for farmed animals and criminalize farmed animal cruelty; and initiating a campaign calling for the closure of cruel and dangerous wet markets, launched at the onset of Covid-19.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 

With a focus on human health, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine engages more than 12,000 doctors—standing on a foundation of scientific evidence—to educate medical professionals, governmental decision-makers, and individuals about the benefits of a plant-based diet. In addition to promoting veganism, the organization raises awareness about new, humane alternatives to animal-testing that are improved technologies over their cruel predecessors, and campaigns against other inhumane and unnecessary practices in the medical community. Through exhaustive work since being founded by Neal Barnard, M.D. in 1985, the organization has not only helped convince authorities to remove the meat group in federal nutrition policy but has also influenced the Dietary Guidelines for Americans to move in a plant-based direction, and has contributed to halting many unnecessary and ineffective animal experiments.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Rescuing animals who were treated as commodities by the agriculture industry, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in Upstate New York provides a loving and serene shelter for hundreds of farmed animals including chickens, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and rabbits. In addition to providing a safe space for neglected and abused animals, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary educates humans about how veganism benefits our own health, and the environment, through their campaigns, educational programs, and interaction with rescued animals. When not closed due to Covid-19, humans may meet these farmed animal ambassadors at the sanctuary and experience their sentience firsthand. In late January, 2021, the organization saved 55 neglected animals from a farm in Upstate New York, including scared cows and pigs who had been living on top of layers of plastic take-out containers, and turkeys who were locked in a hutch and forced to stand on wire that was cutting into their feet. The organization took them out of their horrendous living conditions and brought them to the safety of sanctuary.

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