REVEALED: The January 2021 Kinder Beauty Box(es)-Kinder Beauty

REVEALED: The January 2021 Kinder Beauty Box(es)

Happy New Year, Kinder Beauties!

It’s time to announce our first boxes of 2021! Yeah, we can’t believe it either. 2020 was both excruciatingly slow and also flew by in the blink of an eye.

In order to start off the year with a bang, we curated two epic collections—TGI2021 and TLC2021—with some of your most crucial seasonal needs in mind. These two January collections feature next-level beauty brands hand-picked by Kinder Beauty co-founders Daniella Monet and Evanna Lynch. With their impeccable taste and high standards, they chose a total of six items worth $80 or more for you to start off 2021 feeling strong, healthy, and glowing.

For those new to Kinder Beauty, every product we curate will always be 100-percent vegan, clean, and cruelty-free—from beginning to end. Whether you get TGI2021 or TLC2021 will be up to chance, but both boxes contain self-care items and beauty products we love, valued at over $80 ... and we are sure you are going to love them, too!

If you are still prone to FOMO, keep an eye out for our February Add-On Shop, where you may have a chance to purchase the January box version you didn't get as part of your subscription. 

Okay, Kinder Beauties, are you ready to learn what’s in the January boxes?

Click here to see TGI2021.

Then, click here to see TLC2021.


If you’re already someone that likes to share your monthly box photos, we cannot thank you enough! We are so happy to be able to donate a portion of our proceeds to our favorite animal rights and environmental charities (to date, we have donated roughly $35,000!). If sharing a photo of our box could help save the life of an animal, why not post?

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And if you’re not yet a Kinder Beauty subscriber, click here to start your cleaner, Kinder journey. Your skin will thank you!